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Starsky & Hutch Fanfic Site by Cristina Pereira
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Post SR Snippet

Heart Of Gold

Co written with Elisa Valero
A ring of human organs dealers strikes Bay City, and the case will be much closer to Starsky and Hutch than they thought.

Time to come back Home

Somebody from the Starsky´s past come back when he´s just discharged from the hospital after Gunther´s shooting

The Riddle

Starsky gets trapped in one of the most terrible ways in which a man can die. Will Hutch be able to find the meaning  of that sinister riddle at time to save his partner's life

The Luckiest man In the World

Co written with Elisa Valero
Starsky and Huch POV about their Terry´s memories

The Friend

Co-written with Elisa Valero
One of Starsky's old friends is coming back, bringing not just bad memories... but revenge's wishes!

The Debt

Co-written with Elisa valero
 A Christmas trip become almost deadly for Starsky.

If Time bring Us Together Again

Co-written with Elisa Valero
"The Debt" Sequel

Angels Are waiting For Me

Year 2031: A look in the future of Starsky and Hutch

Another Life

Co-written with Elisa Valero
Starsky turning into a farmer? Hutch looking desperately for him? What happened this time?

The Family

The guys´parents are coming to town, when something terrible happens

Charity Auction Story in Memory of Paula Wilshe

Dangerous Past

Starsky & Hutch lives will be shake by old memories and new  threats...

The Call

What began as a trip to help an old couple, neighbors of Starsky's mom, soon turns into a whirlwind of strange and dangerous events.

Taking All The Risks

Ominous shadows from the past are coming back to menace Starsky and Hutch´s future. What will be Starsky willing to do to save them?

An Honorable life

A murder case leads Starsky and  Hutch to discover a dark secret hide among the walls of a respectable highschool.


Co-Written with Elisa Valero

In the aftermath of Gunther´s shooting, something will threaten Starsky´s recovering…And even his life.


Coming Back From The Darkness

Co-written with Elisa Valero

After what began being just a routine bust, Starsky will have to fight his hardest struggle to get back his life


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