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Starsky & Hutch Fanfic Site by Cristina Pereira
The luckiest man in the world

Co written with Elisa Valero (A Starsky's and Hutch's POV)
Thanks to our Beta reader Tonya Dotson
This story was written purely for entertainment and is not for profit, and is not meant to trespass in any way on the holders of the rights to Starsky and Hutch.

She is gone away. Forever...But in spite of all my rage, my pain, my despair, my heart knows that I'm a lucky man. Surely the luckiest man in the world, though right now I'm not feeling that way.

In the last fifteen days, I have been in the middle of a fog done of rage and pain that was tarnishing reality, but tonight, I sat down on my kitchen floor, in front of a Monopoly game, pretty drunk, when the reality of the few last days struck me hard. The only woman that I really have loved, with all my heart, has died, cruelly murdered by George Prudhom. Hutch, my partner, the best friend I have in the whole world is doing everything in his power to help me...But all is useless right now. The truth. The only truth is that she is gone, and the only thing I have of her is a book, "1000 ways to win Monopoly"... And memories...a lot of memories... and some conclusions...

That morning I was in the squad room reading enthusiastically to Hutch the horoscope in the newspaper...

"This day will be especially lucky, for all those people born under Aries's sign... Today they can begin a great business, to solve their problems definitively, or to find the real love..." I teased Hutch, I love to do that, you know. "You've heard it, Blondie... I must be ready, today can be my lucky day." I sat with my feet crossed on my desk, eating a delicious chocolate Donut, in front of Hutch who had a bored look on his face...Suddenly, my partner straightened up in his chair. "Starsk ... hey Starsky " he started to whisper...Too late. Before I noticed, Dobey was behind my back.

"For all the detectives born under Aries's sign who spend the whole morning, eating Donuts, and reading stupidities in the newspaper, with his feet on the desk, his captain has a nice uniform ready and the most crowded street of the city to direct the traffic..." with his powerful voice, he shouted in the middle of the detectives room "STARSKY!! HUTCHINSON!! Maybe you don't have paperwork to do. Or any other useful thing...if this is the case, I have some great ideas!..." Jeez! Dobey's shouts in my back, really made me jump in my chair.

It was not necessary to say it twice... In seconds I was out of my chair, newspaper closed, and had swallowed the Donut that I had just put in my mouth, my heart jumping like a ball in hands of a basketball player. With my best smile, I said.

"Good morning Cap! Hutch and I were on our way to check on some leads..." And then I took my jacket, pulling my partner's arm in the process.

Hutch was looking at me like an idiot, still thinking about what had happened and trying to understand how I managed to be so fast. He passed by the Captain and said something like...

"Morning...We're on the way out" I ran out of the bullpen with Hutch, while the other detectives laughed at us. Dobey was watching us with an upset expression and crossed arms. That was an eminent danger signal and for me it seemed we needed a strategic escape.

Opening the door, we could hear our captain speaking with the idiots who were laughing at my partner and me... "and you. What are you laughing at??? What I said to those two is also an order to you guys too!!" I'm pretty sure that in seconds, everybody was very busy at their desks....

Then, I bumped into a beautiful girl with a pair of sweet blue eyes.

"Oh... I'm sorry Miss....Did I hurt you?" I apologized with my best smile.

"Oh no. Don't worry, I'm okay...Sorry. Are you police officers?"

"Yeah, we are. Sergeant's detectives Hutchinson and Starsky. How we can help you?"

She introduced herself as Terry Roberts and said that she needed to make a report.

"What's the matter Miss Roberts? What kind of report do you need make?" Hutch asked offering a seat to Terry.

"Well... I'm a teacher for special kids, and I'm afraid, one of them is suffering some kind of mistreatment at home. This kid always has bruises on his arms and things like that... "

Then Hutch, with his incredible and sweet ability to deal with people, said that he would direct her to a person in the Police Department that could help her with this matter.

Terry was very relieved with our help. Without even noticing it, I began to feel hypnotized by her smile at that very moment. Though I suspected that Terry was paying attention to me too.

On our way to the parking lot, the detectives that worked with us on a bust the previous day, asked if we wanted to take part in the interrogation of the guy that we had arrested. One hour later we got out of the precinct and on our way to the Torino, we found Terry was having car trouble. Terry was with Sally, one of her students. I stopped near Terry and asked what the trouble was.

Terry was so pretty... so shy and had eyes that seemed to smile at me all the time

Well... she said that her car had problems. The car was fine when she stopped by the precinct and now it seemed to have problems with the ignition. And with her shy smile she confessed that she wasn't very good with mechanics...

I used all my charm on Terry and told her that me and Hutch always had time to help a lady with problems. I gave her our first names. Laughing, she said that it seemed it was our day to help her. It sure was..

A few minutes later the problem was solved.

"Thanks.I really don't know what I would have done if you weren't here to help me"

"Oh, well. No problem. That's what were here for, Right?To protect and serve" She smiled shyly, and after a moment of silence, she spoke again.

"Humm. David, Ken...Do you like basketball?"

"Yeah, sure. I'm the best basketball player you will find on the west coast" Hutch gave me a nudge in the ribs, saying "Don't pay any attention to him. The best basketball player on the west coast is not him, but me" After laughing, Terry spoke again.

"My kids have a basketball game tomorrow morningwe would be pleased if you wanted to come and play with us"

"Why not? It sounds great," I said.

So, we were officially invited to participate in the game with her kids at the school. These games were one of the few things that we did and felt no stress at all. And being with kids was very pleasant.

The next morning, Hutch and I were in the middle of a noisy basketball game, each of us being part of a team, surrounded by kids and spending a very enjoyable morning. Our bodies were growing tired, while Terry's kids seemed to have endless energy. Meanwhile, she was encouraging all of us. Shouting out, laughing, and at same time, looking attentively after all the kids. Moments later all of us were around one wooden table; enjoying a delicious sandwich and fresh drinks while Terry sat down in front of me. Looking and smiling at me incessantly. Whenever I looked in front of me, her blue eyes and charming smile was there...just for me.


I had seen Starsk interested in some young ladies before, so at first I thought that this time it was the same thingbut soon, I began to notice some differences Sometimes he seemed lost in thought and had been very silent for his usual exuberant personality. He never lost his concentration, covering my back on the streets like no one else could, but without a doubt something had changed in my partner. His eyes had a special shine and after some time without "flavors of the month", he told me that he was dating only Terry. I was certain about a thing, my partner was much happier each day. I think that everything started at that basketball game. I could see that Terry didn't take off her eyes of him and he off her.

My partner is a man who has had many girlfriends, but no one true love. In spite of this, he keeps thinking about getting married and having kids some day. And I´m sure, when the moment arrives, he will be a great husband and Father. He is such a gentle and loving person. He deserves to find somebody who loves him truly, that can accept his explosive mood, and awaken the tenderness and affection that he always hides, pretending not to have. Since he was a kid, Starsky had to be the "the tough little boy". All by himself he had to face the challenges of being strong when what he needed most was somebody to hold his hand and tell him that everything was going to be fine... I always admired that. His strength. His inner force. And I always thought that he deserved the love of a gentle woman who will return all his love and care. Maybe, just maybe, Terry could be that lady.


So that's the way I met Terry. From that day, Terry Roberts was in my head day and night. I remember our first date. Jeez! I was so nervous! It seemed that I never had a date before... We went to a cozy restaurant with terrific pasta!!! We talked a lot. About our dreams, our plans for the future, our whishes and it was one of those "magic nights" that you have only once in your lifetime. Like you see only in the movies, you know? She was everything that I thought and much more. She looked terrific in an incredible red dress. She was wearing only a little bit of make up, just to highlight the beauty of her youth and smelled gooda delicate rose perfume.

She told me that she was from LA, and ever since she was only a little girl, her dream was to be a teacher.

"I've always wanted to be a teacher, but not an ordinary teacher. I wanted to help special kids as much as possible. You would be surprised knowing all that these kids are capable of doing with love and the right help." As soon as she had graduated, she moved to Bay City to work at the Marshall Center.

Every time Terry spoke of those special children, her beautiful eyes shined with love. None of the girls I knew before felt that kind of passion for their jobs, nor were doing something so important and beautiful to help others Unfortunately, her parents died in a car accident when she was still a kid, she had no sisters or brothers and her grandparents sent her to a private school. Soshe was always a lonely little girl But a lonely fighting little girl. I loved this part of her personality!! To be a fighter Probably because I'm a fighter too. Sitting at our table in the restaurant, I couldn't stop looking at her face lit by the soft light of some candles. Her sweet beauty and tenderness showed in each one of her words and facial expressions. After talking about herself for a while, Terry wanted to know more about me.

"Well. Really, my life isn't as exciting as it seemsI guess. I'm a cop, that's all I am, and it's all I've wanted to be since I was a kid."

I talked about my family, my dadmy dreams of following my dad's career despite my mom's concerns about it. The difficulties that my mom had with two kids to take care of all by herself, and I talked about Hutch. I told her how I met him in the academy and how we became partners in Bay City. I told her that he was much more than a partner. That he was my best friend, like a brother to me.Just the most important person in my life. I told her that we had spent some pretty hard times together

"But, call me crazy if you want. I would never change my work nor my partnership with Hutch for anything in the whole worldthe sensation of making the city a safer place to live".

"It'sI don´t know" I said.

"I understand. It gives sense to your lifeRight?"

"Right. I couldn't have said it better"

After a long time in the restaurant, I took Terry to a Disco club. We drank some drinks, and we tried unsuccessfully to talk over the loud music, until I asked her to dance. She was an excellent dancer, and we had a wonderful time on the dance floor. A few minutes later, a soft song began to fill the room. I asked her a question just with my eyes, and she answered me in the same way. The next minutes found our bodies entwined, getting carried away by the music.

Finally, in spite our wishes, the night was over. I took Terry to her place and before I left, I kissed her lips softly. I didn't want to go rush her. This girl was not "The flavor of the month" for me... And she knew it.

After a few dates, we find out that we had enormous pleasure being with each other. Never before I have felt so content, so comfortable and happy with a girl. In a few weeks I was completely in love with Terry. But I wasn't "in love" as so many times before. It was something very powerful and sincere. She understood "the cop's life". My schedules... the restless nights on the streets... Our "cop's world" she'd like to say. My partnership with Hutch was understood like as the most important thing in our job. Hutch and Christine, his girlfriend at that time, joined us on our dates several times. Terry had developed a great bond with Hutch and in a short time they became true friends. They trusted each other. I knew perfectly that their bond was made only by true friendshipat not time did I feel the slightest tinge of jealousy. Their bond had been formed around me, and they looked at me as their common objective.



Maybe it was not easy to understand but both of us, I mean Terry and me; we felt the same thing for Starsk. Friendship, concern, love, though in a different way. For me, Starsk is my partner, my best friend. He's simply like the brother I don´t have. For Terry, Starsk was a rock in which she stands beside during the rough days, and her best friend to share the happy days, her lover In short, the man of her life In previous relationships, we always faced problems with our girlfriends accepting our dependence on one another and our deep bond. It was as if they felt jealous of the love that we had and that it never could be reached by anyone else. Of course, this is ridiculous!!! But even the best detective in the world

will never know the mysteries that exists in a woman's head... Sowe were already prepared to be a pair of solitary cops, when Terry entered Starsky's life. I always knew that my opinion was very important to Starsky. He feels like

I am his older brother... even though he is older! Only by monthsbut older.He always teases me that I think too much. But, in the moment of a personal and important decision, he always takes into account my advice. I must confess that I have always liked to be there to help my friend. To participate in his decisions, to share his feelings. So, I decided that it was time to tell him what I thought of Terry and that it seems he finally found the woman of his life.


Hutch was always a very private man. But just to the rest of the people. Not to me. He and I have always talked about everything, since the beginning of our academy days. The fact is that between Blondie and me, we have no secrets. That day, as I was driving him home after a difficult day at work, Hutch asked me in for some beers at his place. Minutes later we were there drinking our beers and sitting on his couch, resting our feet on the coffee table, we talked about everything. It was one of those quiet moments in which our friendship was reinforced with conversation. We talked about our work, our cases, even our dates with ladies. At that moment he told me how much he liked Terry and that he was certain that she was the woman for me.

"You know something, Starsk? This time you've found it. You have found somebody special. Terry is a great girl. Believe me partner. I like her like no other lady you have dated. She can make you happyreally happy, and if you don't know keep her around, you will be a truly stupid guy"

"I'll do everything in my power to do it, Blondie. You can be sure about that."

If Hutch knew this as well as I did, then I was certain that it was the truth.

I admired Terry's dedication to her job, the love that she offered to her kids. We shared each progress from each kid. We talked about our jobs with pride, and our moments of fun and romance were special. Simple things, as I like, but everything was in tune. Our first night together was special too. I had taken her to a movie and we were in the Torino, each lost in our own toughts. I was thinking that what I really wanted at that moment was to be in her arms. As if my thought had been read, when I was parking the Torino in front of her place, she invited me in to get know her "little world". It was a cozy place. Really nice. She asked me to open a bottle of wine. In the meantime, she was choosing some romantic music to listen to. We sat down on the floor and just let the music take our minds. In minutes our lips are together in one of the sweetest and tender kisses that I have given to a lady before. We lay down on the floor, looking at the ceiling and talking about us. From that moment we both felt that our bodies were on fire. I forgot the winethe music and in that moment only one thing existed for, Terry. Both of us were in love, each body yearning intensely for the other with a feeling so powerful and passionate that our lips met once again. Then I took Terry in my arms and carried her to the bedroom where our bodies and souls were fused into one with our first night of love. After most of the night enjoying our love, we both finally fell asleep in the each other arms. My last thought before succumbing to sleep was that tonight I could clearly see the difference between love and just sex. The next morning the first thing I felt was Terry's body close to mine. Her arm was around my waist, as her head rested on my chest and then, I simply understood the real meaning of love.

With time, we found out that we were very important to each other. In the past, we both had no luck affairs of the heart, so we were in no hurry. We took advantage of each day off that Dobey gave me to do what we liked most, picnics. I would drive the torino to all the pretty beaches on the California coast and stay there all day long, doing nothing getting tanned and enjoying the landscape. It was a great occasion to use my skills with a camera. I have terrific photos of Terry and our great moments there Sometimes, Hutch and Christine were with us in those good times.


You know something? If Starsk was not my best friend, I could have even envious of his good luck. What he and Terry had was so special! Okay, okay. Those days that I was dating Christine were toobut this was a very different matter. In fact, when Terry died, I spent most of my off duty time looking after my partner, so she left. She was incapable of sharing my love when Starsk was so in need during those hopeless daysI know perfectly that if the tables were turned, Terry would never have left Starsky


Finally, after months dating, the great moment arrived. I would introduce Terry to my mother... and you know that this is never a very easy task for a Jewish guy.... We traveled during a weekend off to New York, and my mother would be at the airport waiting for us.

A little delayed, our flight finally arrived. And minutes later, my mom and I were engaged in a tight embrace.

"Davy, son, it's been too long!! You could come here more often!! You're a little thin"

"Hey mom! I'm not thin. I'm just fit. Besides, if I got fat, then I wouldn't be able to help Hutch to catch the bad guys"

Every time I come back to my mom's house, the same scene keeps repeating itself. She, who I inherited my stubborn steak from..., keeps saying that I'm thin as a rake, and the whole time I'm, she feeds me delicious meals, that I can't refuseSurely, even in a simple weekend, I would put on some more weight.

Well, when mom was able to stop looking at me and the moment was right, I introduced her to Terry. Ma found Terry to be an adorable lady from the beginning. Who wouldn't find it, right? We had an excellent weekend. My mother talked to Terry about our large family and all of our anecdotes in details. Our anniversaries, our Hanukah's, our noisy and happy Christmas. Terry loved this mix of traditions Mom even taught Terry how to cook some Jewish foods! She adored my mother too and the weekend was terrific!!! Maybe that was one of the reasons that made the time go by and we finally started to think about marriage. I started to think about having our own family. To have kids and all those things.

Everything in my life it seemed to be going like a wonderful dream until the night in which, in the most absurd way, I ended up in the hospital Again And Terry had her first real bad experience as a Cop's lady.

I didn´t hear them come into my apartment. I still don't know why. I was just too tired, I guess, and I was deeply asleep... And the damned sons of a bitch's were silent as snakes.

The first thing I felt, was a strong hand covering my mouth while arms were pinning me against the bed, and the one with his face covered by a hood said to me:

"Hey pig!! Would you like to know what happens to the meddling bastards that put their noses in other's business?"

In the next second I was held by two of them, while the other was beat me I don't know how long I was beaten. Minutes later I was on the floor totally threshed broke and bleeding from my mouth, my nose, and a few other places, I guess. I could scarcely move as well. The sinister laughs from those turkeys resounded in my ears as they were leaving my house.

I found the strength to pick up the phone and call Hutch. In matter of minutes he was by my side calling for an ambulance and a little later we were on our way to Memorial hospital.


I think I will never get used to things like that. I'm deep in sleep and the next moment I'm racing across the half-empty city, in the middle of the night to find Starsk only God knows how Maybe I'm getting too old for these scares

When I got there, he was unconscious in the middle of his living room. Beaten pretty badly. I checked for his pulse and it was weak but steady. I heard the ambulance that I had called for, before I left my apartment, and ran to the door to let them in so the paramedics could do their job. At the hospital, after some time, a doctor asked who was there for David Starsky.I jumped from my chair.

"I'm detective Ken Hutchinson. Starsky´s partner. How is he?"

"Mr. Hutchinson, I still need to examine him further but it seems that your friend was beaten very badly. He has bruises all over his body, two broken ribs, and a severe concussion. We're still looking into the possibilities of internal injuries. As soon as we finished here, you can talk to him. He has already asked for you."

"So, will he be ok?"

"The concussion is the main problem. After all the exams, we will let him rest, but we have to wake him up periodically, just to check if everything is ok. I think that he will need to stay in the hospital for a week, and then he will probably be able to return to work...At first and for a few weeks, just desk work, but then he return the streets again. This could be worse. Believe me. "

Starsky was transferred to a regular room. He was a little confused and in pain. To be sure that his concussion was progressing nicely, every two hours the doctor or a nurse would wake Starsk and ask him simple questions to check his condition. God I was so relieved to see my partner relatively well!!


After I was treated in the ER, a couple of orderlies wheeled my stretcher to a room. I was pretty groggy and I ached. A couple of broken ribs, bruises, concussion and all that stuffBut my whole body was hurt like hell in spite of the pain pills. From that moment Hutch, as he had been many other times, was a man on a mission. First, to take care of me, and later to try and find the men who had beaten me so savagely To try to find out the who and why, but before he left I asked him to talk to Terry.


"Yeah Starsk I´m here"

"Terry.G...Go to talk with her"

"Okay, Starsk. I'll call her."

"No...Hutch...She'll be scascared. Pick her up at her place...Please"

"Starsk, I don't wanna leave you right now."

"Please, Hutch. Go. Please"

"Okay. Take it easy Starsk. If it's what you want, I'll go get Terry Just relax. I'll be back with her as soon as possible."

So leaving me alone for a while, Hutch headed towards Terry's apartment. In the most careful way possible, Hutch talked Terry about everything that had happened hours before... And as I suspected, in spite of her tears, her fear and anguish, my little, sweet and strong lady didn't break down.


Starsky had a point. Terry had the right to know what had happened, she would be scared out her mind if I had just told her over the phone, so in spite of hating the idea of leaving Stark alone in that hospital even for a little while, I drove to Terry's placeThe dawn was coming. Once there, I knocked at her door. After a minute, she unlocked the door. Terry stood with a cup of coffee in her hands and ready to leave for school.

"Hey, Hutch!...What are you doing here so early?" She asked. Suddenly, her smile failed and she read my mind instantly.

"Hutch...No...Is Dave alright? Has he been shot?... How is he?..." She was pretty upset, and trembled slightly while she grabbed her car keys, and I felt a wave of sympathy for her.

"We don't know exactly, but Starsky's place was broke into and he was beaten pretty badly. He's at Memorial Hospital and he needs you."

"Oh God" Terry whispered with her eyes full of tears.

"Terry, listen I'll take you to the hospital in my car, you're too upset to drive"

"Okay, okay hurry, Hutch. Please. Hurry up." She said holding my hand so firm, in a way that I never thought this sweet woman was capable of


So there I was, in that hospital bed, aching and trying unsuccessfully to get comfortable. Some time later, Hutch came back with Terry. She was quickly by my side, smiling at me and caressing my face, trying to be brave for me and hide her distress.

And for the rest of the day, Terry took care of me with her usual love and tenderness, while Hutch hit the streets looking for the one's who had assaulted me.

For the next few hours I was thirsty, nervous, sick to my stomach, and tired so damn tiredbut I couldn't sleep. Since I had a concussion, some doctor or nurse was coming to my room every two hours to wake me up and ask me some sort of dumb questions, like what my name was, where I was, and who was that girl who at my bedside and such of stupidities, you know. Just to be sure that the concussion was not affecting my brain. God's Heaven. How I hate all that crap!! Of course knowing that somebody will come every two hours to wake you up, is not the best way to get some sleep, so while my headache and my angry increasingly grew, Terry, my little, sweet and strong lady was there, doing as much as possible to calm me down with lots of patience and sweetness.

She helped me drink a little water; she wrapped me up with the bed covers, and softly dried my sweaty face. All the while whispering soft words in my ear, and carefully rubbing my frozen bodyI don't know why, but during those hours I was freezing to death, Incapable to getting warmIn spite of the distress she was feeling at that moment, Terry showed herself as the bravest woman I ever knew.

"Shhh Dave. Try to relax. I'm here, and Hutch will be back soon. Just lay here and try to relax Shhhh, Dave, I'm here shhh... Everything will be just fine"

I know that seeing me this way was not a pretty image, but at that moment there was nothing that I could do about it. Finally, hours later, the doctors said that my brain was doing fine, and defeated from exhaustion I fall asleep, wrapped in her soft and warm arms. And you know? There was something that I'll never forget. The sound of Terry's back sliding against the door and her soft sobbing when she shut the bathroom thinking that I couldn't hear her.

Really, I had no clue as to what had happened the rest of the day. But finally, as more days passed, the doctor said that my recovery would be complete. On the other hand, Hutch had found the perps who assaulted me, avenging the capture of their boss, a powerful drug dealer. We put whole thing where it belonged, as a bad memory that all of us wanted and luckily could forget.


For all those days in the hospital, Terry did everything in her power to help Starsky The way in which she was taking care of my partner, her endless love and patience for him was simply the most moving demonstration of love I have ever seen. Then, I saw clearly how much she loved him. How she was the cop's perfect wife. She understood and accepted all the bad things that a cop's life brings to his wife. The most important thing to her was Starsky´s happiness. She admired him as a cop, his loyalty, his integrity. She would do everything in her power to see that he was ready to return to the streets again. For her it was hard to see Starsky leave home everyday and risk his life in the streets, facing the bad guys and fighting for his ideal and trying to keep it alive. Few women have this courage and strength.


I returned to work as more time passed. I was truly happy. Yeah, I know it. I'm basically a happy and optimistic man, but at that moment in my life I had everything. I was the luckiest man in the world, a job that I love and enjoy, the friendship of the best friend that anyone could find, and the love of a true angel

But then, one day, in matter of minutes everything in my life changed forever.

The call came in as a victim gunned down in an attempted assault at a store, which seemed normal in our cop's life. But the address of the drugstore was very near Terry's place, and I immediately felt my gut screaming that something very bad was happening. My intuition never failsAs soon as I arrived at the crime scene, I saw a wounded woman on the floor and the paramedics were working on her. Once more, my intuition was right. I don't know how to explain what I felt when I saw that this woman was Terry. Well I'm not good with words and you know that, don't you? I didn't look nor listen to anything or anyone. The only thing that I was pretty aware of was the scared face of the lady that I loved. Terry was so frightened in the middle of all the people and paramedics and IV's and cops The only thing that I remembered very well was Hutch's warm hand on my shoulder.

The night went on with no news at allI was looking for the thousandth time, at the only magazine available to read in the waiting room, when Hutch finally showed up. I was so devastated by pain and fear and my best friend knew it. The news that Hutch brought me didn't help make me feel better. It seemed that the perpetrator of this crime had done this just to wake up his true target me. By using everything that was precious in my life. He was successful, no doubt about that. The doctor finally said that I could talk to Terry but just for a minute, I thought that this nightmare was not so bad, but a small observation of the doctor told me that she thought otherwise...."She has to make an important decision", the doctor said. This gave me a clear idea of the facts something very bad had happened to Terry.

Inside room 612, I didn't know that this "important decision" was to live or die. Could be today, in one week, or a year Doctor Quo said. But the truth was: Terry was going die... The woman I loved so much was scared, but with the determination to make her choice by herself. Terry was a fighter. So sweet and small, but a tough girl. Leaving the hospital with my partner, after being informed all about Terry's condition, I couldn't understand why Terry didn't want to share her decision with me. I was as scared as she was. Huggy Bear was the second victim because of his friendship and loyalty to us. George Prudholm... He was the answer. A crazy man, corroded by anger and hate towards me, who had decided to take his revenge by putting an end to all the precious people in my life.


Prudholm got what he wanted. He did everything he could to hurt Starsky and he got it. For Christ sake. How can there be so much evilness in the world?...In moments like this, even my deepest ideals and convictions are broken down as my heart broke feeling Starsky's pain and my own pain After the shock of knowing that everything that was happening to my friend and Terry was only a disgusting act of revenge, I understood that I would have to be strong for Starsky and me. It was clear to me that my partner was acting on autopilot, which was scaring me to death. I have attempted to be by his side and to show him that together we can go through fire, but I have to confess that sometimes I feel so weak. But then I look at Starsky so silent and tense, with his eyes full of anger and pain, that I cannot allow him to be alone.. Sometimes, I know that my silence speaks volumes to Starsky. He knows that I am here. If he will looses Terry, at least he will not feel more alone than he already feels. I will be by his side, always.


The following days were an endless nightmare. I tried to be strong. Hutch, like always, suffered by my side. Silently. I could feel his warm and affectionate hand on my shoulder every time that I lost myself in pity or rage. But it was so hard and sad to admit that I wouldn't be beside the woman that I loved so much or happy for long...Didn't I deserve to be happy? To get married, have kids to love and care about? Again, must I lose a person who loves me? Until that day, I still kept hope inside my heart and soul only to have it disappear like fog. Doctors from the NY hospital that were consulted on the case confirmed that there was no hope for Terry. That day in the middle of the corridor at the precinct, I had never felt so alone in my life. Without any hope at all. You know, I never had a very easy life and so many times were tough, especially when I was a kid, but at that moment I don't know how, but Hutch noticed something and in seconds he was by my side. I don't know if he knew how important he was to me during those days. I think he knew, my partner and best friend is the person who knows me best, knows my soul like no one. Maybe even better than I know myself... Anyway... at that moment, reading the message from NY, I lost what little control of the feelings that still remained in my heart and mind. And you know how I hate that! Hutch stayed by my side and with his strength, I got myself together.

Well days passed very quicklyand the inevitable happened. I lost Terry. In the middle of everything, I remember her last sweet words, worried about her student Sally, worried about me...beautiful words about being with me foreverand suddenly she was gone... I stayed for a long time at the school, looking for Terry and thinking about what our future could have been. Our life, our dreams, watching everything and seeing nothing. Then the voice of my partner woke me from my reverie and I followed him so we could catch Prudholm. I won't lie and say that I never wanted to kill Prudholm, but something in my heart...the cop that I am, the things in which I have always believed, were stronger than my hatred for this assassin. The following days were hard with endless nights full of nightmares. Hutch was at my place ever since that terrible day. Only Hutch can understand my sorrows. And I have no one but Hutch to talk to.


I was hearing Starsky´s painful cries for so many long nights. I was holding him in my arms, trying to give him a little strength and solace to his inconsolable soul, and I was feeling completely useless Never have I felt so useless in all my life In those moments, I thought about everything that Starsky had done for me, when I lost Gillian... All his unending companionship, taking me to places with his girlfriend at the time, knowing exactly how to not leave me alone for one minute .... I needed him and he would not let me down. But I had lost only one person that was important, and then I discovered later that she had lied to me. Starsky always defended her, saying that she truly loved me. But I know that she never was the kind of true love like Terry. And now this dream of happiness had ended for my friend. Nobody, not even I, could help him. Perhaps with time.... time always helps to heal old scars.

Looking at Starsky one more time, finally defeated from fatigue, was now asleep on the sofa. After hours of confessions and long moments of painful silence, and the moving message from Terry, I can see how much happier and lucky I am, to have my partner in my life. His amusing personality, his childlike nature has done a lot for me, since our Police Academy days. I learned with him, that we could be strong and exceed all the obstacles in this life. That we can keep a pure and generous heart in the middle of this chaotic world we live in. Nobody, in all my life, has taught to me in such a way, the capacity to love as Starsky has. And to be with him during this nightmare that his life turned into, is the least that I can do to show him that it is possibility to continue living and to search for happiness.

Am I the luckiest man in the world, or not?


Here I am in my kitchen, playing monopoly like any other night and trying to follow my old routine... Our life. My life and my partner's life. My fellow defender of justice, friend, brother. The other half of my soul, or whatever names you choose to call Hutch. Hutch, with such a big heart my big blonde partner is officially the person in charge of taking care of my destiny, although this was the deal between us, determined by our partnership. We were responsible for each other's life. And I would give my life to keep Hutch safe. But you already know that, hum? But Terry specifically asked Hutch to not let me ever change. Terry knew that it would be very tough for me to keep going as a cop after all this, but Terry also knew that being a cop was my dream and my life. On that night, after we read Terry's message, Hutch and I were speechless. I was trying to be brave but the message was really moving and we both sat for a few minutes just looking at each other and crying. Until the moment that we finally pulled ourselves together, then Hutch, still sniffing, stood up.

"This was one of the prettiest, sad and moving moments that I have experienced, Starsky and thank God that I shared it with you buddy. But Terry wouldn't need to make this request... I would never let you change or not love you". And he extended his hand to me and said:

"Come on buddy, let's finish this game and call it a night."

I held his hand firmly and still sniffing too said "Yeah I thought that no one here had the guts to do anything at all and HutchI love you too"

Hutch drove me to the couch. I laid down and keep my eyes shut. My emotions were still very fragile and it was difficult to control myself. I heard the clanking of the beer bottles that Hutch was collecting from the floor, the papers from the gifts and in those few minutes I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up, Hutch was also sleeping, seated against the sink in the kitchen. Knowing my partner as well as I do, he was probably there guarding my sleep... and then fell asleep from fatigue and the emotions of the night.

I thought that I gained maturity after all this mess. And tonight, here on this couch looking at Hutch sleeping, resting his head on my sink, I found out that I could loose the love of my life. The woman that I loved so much. I gained the understanding that with the love of my friend, the best one that somebody could want, I would be able to follow and continue on my path, our path. Our dream.

Today, I am certain that I was lucky to find the love of my life. NoI couldn't be happy with her as it was in my dream, but I was lucky at least to know her, to know that real, pure and unbiased love existed. It's been a long time since I've learned that in life we can't always have what we want... But I had the luck one day, while at the police academy I found the best cop and partner that I could dream of, and he is more than just a friend. He is here with me, as always safe.

Am I the luckiest man in the world, or not?



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